Flawless Cut Diamond Earrings in 9ct Gold (TW=50pt)

Flawless Cut diamonds are cut to perfection every time creating the perfect pattern of Hearts and Arrows in the diamond.


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Of The Flawless Cut Diamond

Flawless Cut diamonds are cut to perfection every time creating the perfect pattern of Hearts and Arrows in the diamond. This pattern can be viewed by using a Viewer / Proportion Scope.

The Bottom View of the stone will show 8 precise symmetrical hearts when viewed on an unset Flawless Cut Diamond and top view shows 8 precise symmetrical arrows. A Flawless Cut diamond will reflect up to 98% of light that enters the stone, creating maximum optical performance – If a diamond is cut too deep or too shallow, the light will not refract back out of the top of the diamond. The cut of a diamond is one of its most important qualities, allowing its beauty to shine and downplaying any imperfections. The cut affects how light reflects from, enters and leaves the diamond.
We use only the highest of manufacturing standards to ensure each stone is cut to perfection, each and every time. A perfectly cut diamond creates a visual pattern of Hearts and Arrows and each Flawless Cut diamond displays the 8 symmetrical Hearts and 8 symmetrical Arrows – the ultimate expression of love. Each Flawless Cut ring features a diamond set on the inside of the band, symbolising a promise that is as rare as Flawless Cut diamonds.
With a strong focus on attention to detail, we endeavour to enhance the romance of each perfect piece of jewellery for that perfect moment. Each Flawless Cut piece is unique as one’s enduring beauty, in exchange, each piece comes with its very own identity number engraved on the mounting of the piece -no number is ever the same.
Each piece is certified and comes with a customer care pack that includes the certificate relating to your Flawless Cut piece. The customer care pack also boasts a diamond viewer to view the Hearts & Arrows pattern in your perfectly cut diamond, cleaning cloth to keep your diamond looking beautiful and personalised letter. Flawless cut is the best quality and value diamond money can buy.


Additional information

Suitable Styles

Diamond Earrings, Gold Earrings, Huggie Earrings

Diamond Total Weight

Approximately 0.50-0.54 Carat of Natural Diamonds

Total Product Weight (Apx)

2.71 grams


9ct Yellow Gold, Rhodium plating

Earring Dimensions

WIDTH: 2.5mm, HEIGHT: 15.4mm, INTERNAL MEASURE: 12mm

Carat Weight

0.50-0.54 Carat








Flawless Cut


Brilliant Cut




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